Case study: MedicAnimal Social Media Strategy

Case study: MedicAnimal Social Media Strategy

MedicAnimal: Social media strategy and implementation


MedicAnimal is the largest pet goods supplier in Europe. Cicero were briefed to increase the online presence of MedicAnimal across social media focusing on Facebook and Twitter. A specific need was identified to increase organic engagement and target followers specific to the brands demographic.

Cicero introduced a new content strategy that included the following:

  • Content created and planned ahead
  • Press releases to be included in tweets with engaging imagery
  • Strong use of engaging content (imagery and polls)
  • Ad-hoc content created from relevant trending Twitter items
  • Ad-hoc content created from annual events
  • Ad-hoc content created from social media trends
  • Ad-Hoc Content created from relevant media stories.

Below: Ad-hoc content created following Twitter trends


Below: Mini-campaigns such as the #PetWorldCup were ran across channels which included polls and dynamic content


Cicero was also in charge of account management which included:

  • Regular follower management
  • Engaging with notifications
  • Industry analysis and key followers targeted
  • Content scheduled in advance
  • Daily monitoring of activity using Twitter Analytics
  • Daily, weekly reports

MedicAnimal social media

Using thoughtful and engaging content, strong use of analytics to feedback into content creation and regular reporting we were able to increase MedicAnimals Twitter following by 60%, increase engagement rates across channels by 0.5% and improve the quality of both their content and their community.