Case study: RSA Future Impacts

Case study: RSA Future Impacts

Future Impacts: The changing nature of risk facing small businesses in the UK

A brief was set out by leading commercial insurer RSA to produce a PR and online campaign aimed at raising awareness of the risks SMEs face to both internal stakeholders and representatives and SMEs directly. The approach involved building upon previous RSA campaigns by focusing on the risks small businesses will face in future and the role of insurance to support them in their growth.

The main piece of material for the campaign took the form of a report that outlined the many different rick factors facing SMEs and how these were perceived by business owners. Cicero was tasked with designing and producing a standalone report that would be released online and promoted across social media. A bold and innovative outlook was taken to the design of the Future Impacts report to highlight the original research produced by the Cicero Research team. This was achieved by developing futuristic imagery and bespoke illustrations. The content was then repurposed and seeded across social media focusing on insurers and brokers.

“A key part of what we required from the Future Impacts campaign Cicero developed was a striking and impactful theme that would run through the whole campaign. The space concept fits very well with our ambitions and moved the tone and vision of our output to the next level. We also required a strong piece of collateral to underpin the campaign’s activity, and the first report surpassed all expectations in that regard. It was one of the best-received pieces of marketing collateral the business has received in recent years and has been a resounding success across all target audiences, both internal and external. We are delighted with the outcome.”

Hilary Douglas, Head of Media and Public Affairs

RSA Future Impacts

Overall the report was extremely well-received by RSA and key target audiences across media, brokers and SMEs in the UK.


Subsequently a second phase has been commissioned to extend the campaign and develop further key findings.