Hello there you lucky thing and welcome to digital!

If you’re reading this it’s probably because you’ve just received a mysterious free gift. (Haven’t received one? Click here).

What you have in your hand is a Google Cardboard headset that allows you to access Virtual Reality (VR) using your smartphone! Simply open your package, build your headset, download the Cardboard app and away you go.

Our very own #CiceroCardboard then gives you access to a whole host of different games, videos and experiences. We’re encouraging people build digital strategies in new and exciting ways and challenging people to incorporate new ideas in their digital campaigns.


Fundamentally, we want to be more engaging. A successful online campaign is far more than just a few tweets; it’s using social media and creative content to build connections with relevant people.

Above all, we work with you to learn about your online community. We create the best campaign for you. We show you what works and why it works. All implemented using our expertise in social media benchmarking, online analytics, digital strategy, graphic design, on-the-job-training and video production.

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Watch our video below to learn how to make your #CiceroCardboard



Choose what you want to watch on your #CiceroCardboard below.

videos-weve-created our-favourite-videos


We hope you like your surprise and don’t forget to join in the fun on social media using #CiceroCardboard and get in touch to find out how we can help on your your next digital project.

Best wishes
The digital team.

Cicero Digital Team #CiceroCardboard

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