PokemonGo: How the world is reacting. A PokemonGo social media breakdown

PokemonGo: How the world is reacting. A PokemonGo social media breakdown

Since Pokemon Go was released in the UK on the 13th July it feels like everyone has gone #PokemonGo crazy! Social media has lit up with people talking, sharing and reacting to the app. Take a deeper look at just how PokemonGo has taken social media by storm.

In the first week of the app being released there were 2.9 million mentions of Pokemon Go Twitter alone. The following week this increased to 9.8million mentions! Pokemon Go is quickly becoming one of the biggest trends since the dawn of the internet. Our PokemonGo Social Media breakdown below looks at the statistics behind the trend.

Number of tweets Total number of tweets since 1st July


Top tweets Top tweets

1. Too harsh?

2. Creative.

3. Unbelievable.

Top hashtagsTop Hashtags

5,642,317 tweets



Number of tweets Who’s Tweeting?

 Male 61% Male

Female 39% Female

Google searches Search trend for Pokemon

Popular Google Searches Popular Google searches:

Where are pokemon google maps?

Can pokemon go work without wifi?

Can pokemon go run in the background?

Does pokemon go use data?

Does pokemon go work on ipad?


Pokemon Go has been one of the biggest trends of 2016 so far, and one of the most successful app launches ever. The excitement on social media has helped drive downloads and does not look like quieting down yet.


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