Snapchat launches first hardware

Snapchat launches first hardware

Snapchat has launched its first piece of hardware – Spectacles

A new direction for Snapchat, but was does it mean?

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Snapchat? A lot of people have now heard of it. It is listed as the third most popular Social App among millennials behind Facebook and Instagram, beating the likes of Twitter, Vine and Tumblr.

Snapchat allows you to send photos and videos amongst ‘friends’ you have added to the app. Videos are capped at a maximum of 10 seconds and extras such as filters have been added to increase enjoyment and variety.

Evan Spiegel, CEO of the now renamed ‘Snap Inc’, recently announced a new ‘toy’ to free his app from just smart phones – cue the video sharing sunglasses (Spectacles)!

What’s the difference?

Spectacles offer a 115-Degree-angle lens which is wider than a typical smart phone lens and a lot closer to a first person view, meaning people will be viewing things almost identically to how you are at that given moment.

Why would Evan Spiegel and Snap Inc want to add a hardware product to their already successful App? Maybe a way to show they are the new innovators of Silicon Valley or just a feeler to see how many of their millions of users will buy hardware Snapchat associated features. It’s potentially a way they are looking to generate cash for further growth and development.

How is Snapchat used in business?

It is perfect for real-time social media marketing as it can offer real time direct access live events. These events could be fashion shows, gigs, product launches and so on. It can get people extremely involved and excited about these events.

Using Snapchat may also mean you get offered background viewings and information also not available on other digital platforms.

My personal favourite is the promotion of contests, perks or promotions such as only releasing special deals/promotional codes on Snapchat.

So with the Spectacles looking to be priced around $129.99, are they the next revolutionary step in Snap Inc’s relatively short yet exciting rise through social media?

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