Twitter Update: Character Limit Increase

Twitter Update: Character Limit Increase

Twitter has recently changed their character limits in their posts.

Twitter Update: Character Limit Increase – But exactly are the changes?


Previously everything included in a tweet counted towards Twitter’s 140 character limit. This meant that if for example you included a picture it took up 22 characters (or 16% of the tweet). This inevitably left less space to say what you want.

Now though Twitter has excluded content that appears below a tweet from the character limit. This includes pictures, videos, GIFs, polls and Quote Tweets meaning only what you enter into the “compose tweet” text box counts towards the character limit.



What does this mean?

Put simply you can now say more with a tweet that includes anything other than text. This makes it easier to share engaging content with every tweet.

Tweets that contain pictures or video receive higher levels of engagement, as do polls, so it’s always good to include them.

Before though there was a trade-off between including engaging content and having space to include all the information you wanted to. It was always frustrating to add a picture to a tweet only to find it pushed you over the character limit. Either you would find yourself repeatedly rewriting a tweet trying to eke out an extra character or two, or just give up on including a picture at all.

By separating text and other content this change takes away the problem of pictures eating into text. Now you can use a picture, video or poll in every tweet and still have 140 characters to include all the information and hashtags you want!

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